sweet scallops

This morning I stepped into the lovely spring air and noticed I'd subconsciously channelled Jackie O. Brown shift + cardi, satin flats, over-sized sunglasses. Was it luck? Maybe.

But for just a moment, I felt I'd come a long way from my days of green and blue plaid plastic capris with a glitter overlay (middle school).

Or from zip-up-the-back, 10% denim, 90% spandex Pitaya jeans (high school).

Or even from light-washed flared jeans and layered wife beater tanks (freshman year of college).

These were all fresh in my mind as I recently came face to face with some of my worst decisions when we moved. Why did I ever wear a skin tight shirt with oversized-flare-arms (think Britney Spears in Crossroads - but less naked and probably more sleeve)? And, more importantly, why was it still taking up closet space?

I'm not one for believing in denying yourself from retail-therapy. I actually am a firm believer in indulging if it's something you really want. But I am also a firm believer in purging when it's no longer bringing you happiness.

If you're sentimental, keep the little notes from middle school. That is, until you don't remember who Katie C. is.

If you love material things, buy yourself that purse. But if you haven't worn it since you were 16, and you're 37, let it go. You probably don't even remember why it made you so happy in the first place.

All these little things that take space use up our energy. A neatly organized shelf is so much more aesthetically pleasing than a messy one.

And although I love clean shelves, clean rooms, and typically, clean lines, I just can't get enough of the scalloped edge this season. I think the scallop is so sweet and dainty.

I love this Madison Marcus Scallop Halter Dress. The hem makes it so much more exciting than it would be otherwise.

And this Scallop-edged triangle bikini top by Vix is so much more fun than a traditional black swim suit.
And these Lovely Wave Pants might otherwise be boring in their simple nude shade. But with the scallop, they're adorable.There's something to be said about the importance of having pieces with a little extra detail, so you can throw on a simple white top, sandals, and minimal makeup. It's natural, pretty, and hassle free.

Just make sure you remember to make room for your new scalloped sweeties by purging. And, in ten years, if the style has come and gone and come and gone again, let it go...