roughing it

When we were younger my dad had a pop-up camping trailer. It lived in our backyard for a number of years, until my mom decided it wasn't a very classy look (whaa?). Now one of his friends has it and, although we're technically still the proud owners, I think it may have rusted shut.

When we were little, though, sometimes we were allowed to camp in the backyard without parents. One time we got to camp with our cousins and the next morning my dad made the best blueberry pancakes. I still think all camping trips should end with a morning of blueberry pancakes.

Sweet dreams in the pop-up, combined with wonderful adventures of tent camping in my neighbor's backyard (where her mom would lay down featherbeds and haul out a TV - more like glamping), have left me with a soft spot for camping. There's something to be said for a cool summer night, a bonfire, a cocktail (or s'more, depending on the crowd), and a tent.

The weather we've been having lately has me itching to enjoy the outdoors. Although it's not really roughing it, ever since last summer I've been dying to try the Watershed Cabins in North Carolina. I've discussed the possibility of a long weekend there with so many people, but as I approach the summer, I decided it's time to make it happen. It's affordable and looks pretty fabulous. Won't you join me? I'll make you blueberry pancakes in the morning.