Let's Get Coffee

My friend, Megan, once told me that she'd heard the idea that men's brains are like waffles - compartmentalized, with syrup staying in one square at a time. Whereas women's brains are like spaghetti - everything is inner-connected and we're always processing multiple things at once. This leads to this, which leads to this...

Sometimes, I wonder (worry?) that my blog might be insight into just how spaghetti-ish my brain really is. One day we're talking about ugly jealousy and throwing pity parties. And the next? We're talking about natural deodorant. I'm fairly certain it's the exact opposite of what you're supposed to do on a blog (build a brand, become an expert on one topic). But, if you know me in real life you know this is how our conversation would be if we were to sit down for coffee right now. 

Which leads me to today's post: if we were to get coffee right now, here's what I'd love to talk to you about. I got this idea from an old series by Allie Lehman that I loved.


If we were to get coffee today, I'd tell you how grateful I am that Chris has a break in traveling. It's been hard being apart and I have a whole new appreciation for a cup of coffee together in the morning and falling asleep together at night. I want time to slow down before he begins again. 

I also have a whole new appreciation for Charlottesville now that Chris is back. It's so much fun exploring together. Simple acts of driving to the grocery without a map feel like an accomplishment. Moving has been hard at times, but it has also made me so grateful for little things, like having family nearby (OK that one isn't little - it's huge!) and feeling settled in your home. 

I'd also tell you that I feel just a little bit crazy with all of the pre-baby lists I'm making. We've got nine weeks to go and I'm on a mission to have every inch of our house in tip-top-shape. I'd also tell you that I'm starting to feel a little nervous for birth. I'm so excited, but as it approaches, it's feeling so big. My sister-in-law told me her midwife said this is normal when it comes to labor and delivery. She said you start to feel like whoah I got myself into this and there is only one way out! It's true. I'm thrilled, nervous, excited and want time to slow down and speed up all at once. 

I'd also tell you that The Letter Project has been going gangbusters lately. It's so fun to see it take off and I couldn't feel more grateful for all of the women who continue to pour into it. I really never stop being amazed at how generous and kind people are if you give them the right outlet. 

Finally, I'd tell you that I can't even WAIT until spring. Be still my heart, it is near! We're two weeks away and I'm already dreaming of warm evening walks, picnics, swimsuits, flowers...ah. Warm weather you are my spirit animal. That doesn't make sense. But it's the truth. 

Happy Monday! I wish we really could get coffee today.