ta da!

After months of searching for a new chair for Ryan's birthday Court was about ready to throw in the towel. However, exactly seven hours before his birthday began, we found the perfect chair.

After sitting in it for about 30 seconds, we threw it in my mom's car and drove it home. While Lily and Finn were napping, we went to work making the chair fit in their house. We rearranged. We turned rugs. We vacuumed. We were sure this chair was perfect and we'd make it fit. We had three hours until Ryan was supposed to be home.

Once we had the room completely flipped upside down and were thoroughly uncertain as to how we'd make this chair work, Ryan called. He - who never gets home from work on time - was on his way home. He'd gotten off a few hours early.

However, if there's anyone who can make a quick rearrange happen, it's my mom. So, under her supervision, she directed us how to put the room back together and somehow, the chair, which seemed a little too big upon first inspection, makes the room look bigger.