WB <3 FD

"I like my Skechers, but I love my Prada backpack." Ten Things I Hate About You

True love...

I love my Rainbow Sandals. I loved them before I had them. I loved my first pair. I am currently loving my second pair. I truly believe they are flawless and as far as I can tell, I will love my Rainbows forever.

Before, during, after: eternity. True love.

Not true love...

My junior year of high school I became obsessed with dried fruit. About two months before Christmas, I decided I absolutely needed a food dehydrator. On Christmas morning, there was no FD under the tree. I was very sad. My love for the food dehydrator grew.

Around 10 pm, my mom told me that she forgot, the FD was on backorder! It would be here soon. I was very happy. Again, my love grew.

When the beautiful dehydrator arrived, I began reading the instructions. Apparently, it takes 24-48 hours to dehydrate fruit. I thought it would be a matter of minutes (like magic). I no longer loved the FD. I never used it and it is still sitting in the attic (though I think Ashley did give it a go, once). Maybe someday the affair between me and the dehydrator will begin again.

This is not true love. This is infatuation.

I believe I am currently experiencing infatuation with Twitter. It's fun to read what my friends are doing (ie: so glad recruitment is over @saralayne! RT freeee! no more recruitment everrr). It's also fun to see what's going on around me and get news updates. I'm undoubtedly more up to date on sales, news shorts, and local events than ever before.

However, I don't believe it's true love. I think my feelings will eventually fade. I already have a few qualms with the site. For example, I don't love it when tweeters use it to be ostentatious and show off (I won't retweet an example on this one). Sometimes, I also get frustrated by the character limit. According to a recent study in Scotland, this limit is also making us dumber by reducing our attention spans. Therefore, I am definitely not ready to declare it love with Twitter.

However, unlike Twitter, I am most definitely in love with Gmail. In my opinion, it is the perfect email tool (Courtney, just say no to Hotmail). When the site went down last week for more than an hour, I'll admit that I was not only slightly panicked, but in disbelief. How could my love forsake me? I felt stranded and vulnerable...
It's definitely love.

I'd like to think I will remain faithful to Google forever (if Google Wave replaces Gmail, it still counts. It's just like my lover got a makeover). I can just picture myself sitting at my computer in 70 years, clicking through my Gmail and loving on my Rainbows.