The magic of the Wand

I’m currently caught somewhere between desperately needing a haircut and needing to shave my head and start over. It’s high time for a trip to the salon. And this weekend, I was seconds away from grabbing some scissors and taking care of it myself, when Allie offered me the Wand. Her roommate had purchased it a few months prior, and neither of them were certain how to use it.

For those of you who are unfamiliar, the Wand boasts the ability to give curls like T Swift and Miley Cyrus, and after months of hearing all about the clamp-free contraption, I was thrilled to have the chance to use it. Because, let’s be serious, who doesn’t want curls like Miley?

I watched a quick tutorial to make sure I had the concept down, and even if you don’t plan to Wand it up, I highly suggestion watching it. Mainly because the little girl that does it is super cute, and it turns into a music video at the end. For real!

At first attempt, I put the glove on the wrong hand and burned myself. Apparently goes on the non-dominant hand. Seems kind of obvious now
Please note I also burned myself after switching hands, because the glove is pretty thin. In the Wand’s defense, you’d need a pretty thick glove to protect against a 450-degree metal stick, and I think the ability to use my hand, and not have it trapped between an Abdominal snow glove outweighs a third-degree burn. Amiright?

The first round of curls left me looking like Britney Spears circa Crossroads (I Love Rock & Roll style). I also now understand why our friend from the music video suggested starting in the back of your head. It gets easier as you get the hang of it.
After I finished, I curled the ends with a regular iron, because I didn’t like them straight. I know that’s how Miley’s are, but I guess I was feeling more Swiftish. I didn’t love how it looked until I ran my fingers through it, and walked to the subway station. The wind loosened them up just the right amount.
All in all, I’d say I kind of fell for the Wand. Kind of magical, really.