Hockey fans throw fish, figure skating fans throw roses

In sixth grade, I experienced the sheer pleasure that is a collegiate hockey game. I attended Notre Dame vs. Michigan and sat right by the goal.

During the game, the fans yelled profanities, threw fish on the ice, and rang cow bells - implying the other team was like cattle.

One fan also held up a sign that read, "Hey [insert players name] let's play horse. I'll be the head and you be yourself."

I was shocked.

It was at that point that I realized - hilarious as it was - I'd never be a true hockey fan. When it comes to the ice, I'll stick with the much more elegant figure skating.

And thanks to Vera Wang, ice skating is constantly becoming more elegant. Wang, who was a figure skating national champion until 1968, is designing outfits for some of the top competitors in Vancouver, including Evan Lysacek.

Lysacek is potential gold medalist and Wang says, "You wouldn't want someone to lose Olympic gold because their sleeve ripped off...This is more pressure than an Oscar dress in a strange way."

Wang also designed costumes for 1994 Olympic silver medalist Nancy Kerrigan, and two-time Olympic medalist (1998 and 2002) Michelle Kwan.