Happy day Archie Balmer!

I've been known, from time to time, to get things a little jumbled. For example, I thought the lyrics to Daydream Believer were "cheer up sweet Bujean". I mean, it was the 60s. Bujean could have passed for a name then...

I also thought an Arnold Palmer was an Archie Balmer (maybe I just have hearing problems?).

And although it's a little shameful to admit that, I don't think it should keep us from celebrating the better half of the Archie Balmer. Today is National Iced Tea Day. Print the coupon for half off all Snapple products, stir in a little lemonade, and celebrate this summery holiday in style.

And if you're feeling rowdy, add a little vodka and call it a Jon Daly - or, in my case, probably a Jan Dairy.