Although I don't have reason to use them often, I'm semi-obsessed with cute invitations. I just love a well-designed invite and I'd like to believe that when I start throwing those dreamt-of-dinner-parties all the time, I'll vow to never use an evite.

At the very least, I know I can promise to never use them for the black tie New Year's Eve party I've promised my friends I'll throw every year (when we're grown ups).

Today, Erin and I began preparing for the baby shower we're hosting for Meghan. I used this opportunity to dive deeply into the vast world of baby shower invitations online.

After some very satisfying research, I found an adorable Web site, Storkie. They have the cutest customizable invitations; we were able to change "Meghan's" outfit and hair (she's our favorite red head), and bling out her carriage - among many other options.

We walked away feeling very proud of our creation. Sites like this are just a simple reminder that I really need to start throwing more parties.

you're invited

I'd be lying if I said I don't get excited every time I get a piece of real mail. A card amid the catalogs and AmEx statements really fills my heart with joy.

And although I can't say Millennials are particularly devoted to snail mail (we like the instant gratification of email and gchatting), I love a hand-written note on stationery.

On multiple occasions I've found invitations that are so enticing that I debated throwing a party just so I could buy them.

Cheree Berry's paper has the same effect on me. It's so cute that it makes me wonder if there is anything I could possibly announce. I suppose I could just say hi with the Hello Postcard. Or, I could host a party, in which case I'd have to buy the invitations and get that dress I've been coveting...