On being domestic

"I think a housewife should take pains with her appearance even when she's cleaning the oven." Betty Draper

I'm really bad at ironing. To the point that the clothes I iron end up more wrinkled than when I began.

I know part of it is a lack of patience: I don't flatten it out perfectly, I don't use an ironing board because the floor seems to work, and I don't necessarily do the front and back.

I thought all my dreams had come true when Downy introduced their Wrinkle Releaser.

But no, the real dream happened when I met Jim. He's an ironing master. He even rivals my dad, which says a lot, as my dad has his own personal iron that he won't let anyone else use.

However, regardless of the fact that Jim (secretly) enjoys ironing my skirts for me, I know I have to make up for my lack of domesticity.

My most recent domestic fixation is the apron. This summer, my roommate always let me wear hers and I loved how it made me feel so feminine and pretty. I've since become slightly obsessed.

Aprons are basically the key to your domestic wardrobe. A little black dress is cute, but throw Anthro's 3-D Toile Full Apron over it and it's even better.

And if aprons are the center of your wardrobe, your products are like your accessories. Which is why I'm loving The Beach Days Fragrance Collection from The Good Home Company. The line comes with detergent, dish soap and, my favorites, vacuum beads and sheet spray.

Don't worry, if you don't like the smell of the ocean, they offer other scents, like Pure Grass and Lavender.

Having an appealing scent to spritz around the house is important. If your apron is your dress and your products are your jewelry, then the scent of the house must be your perfume. And when you have all that, I don't even see a reason to get all worked up over ironing.