how random is it?

I love surprises. I always keep my iPod on shuffle and, until my friend Sara told me she hated it, I used to keep my CD player in my car on random.

I just don't like knowing what is coming next and it's too easy to memorize a 17-song CD. I get much more excited when my favorite song comes on by chance versus knowing it's coming next.

However, it took about a year of me having an iPod to discover that maybe shuffle wasn't so random. It seemed that some songs kept playing in a similar order. I later learned that it's never truly random because it follows a formula to generate what song plays next.

I felt a little cheated...

Until now. can truly generate randomness. I'm not sure how useful it will be in my daily life, but it can definitely be entertaining. It will give you random card, create a random list, and even generate a lottery ticket.

I realize this is something really random to post about, but isn't that the beauty of it?