so fun

A friend of mine always jokes that girls misuse the word "fun".

Whenever he hears a girl say something like, "Isn't this dress so fun?" or "I found the most fun shoes!", he is baffled. He always wonders: how is the dress fun? What does it do to make it fun? Tell jokes? Dance?

Last week, when Erin came to work in a fabulous vintage silk dress and Billi immediately said, "Erin, that's such a fun dress!" I couldn't help but laugh.

As a female, I clearly agreed that the dress was exceptionally fun. But since the dress didn't change colors with her mood or repel bad guys, I'm not sure most men would agree.

I also think this Mel en Stel Candy Striper dress is incredibly fun. Not only is it overly ruffled, but striped and cinched at the waist. What could be more flattering? And what could be more fun than flattering?

ballerina chic

There's a fine line between girly and childish. And I'll be the first to admit my addiction to all things ruffley ensures that I walk on my tippiest toes along that line. But I try to balance the bows and flowers with simpler pieces so I look feminine rather than costumey.

Although this Rachel Antonoff Silbert Sherbert dress is uber-feminine, I think the racerback and simple cut makes it work. It's a little bit ballerina, a little bit retro, and a lot of fun.

PS: It has pockets!

playing dress up

When it comes to shopping, I have one major weakness: dresses. I think they're so perfect. For a day in the park. For a day on the town. For work. For play. For travelling. For a date. For life.

I just can't get enough.

If I were planning to splurge right now, I'd definitely start with these...

This Camilla & Marc Zahra Dress from Sunday Brunch. Isn't it beautiful? It feels so toga-chic to me. And with ruffles of the front and a bow on the back, it's simply irresistable.
The Leading Role Dress from Anthropologie. The red is so happy and the fact that it resembles an apron feels very feminine. Can't you just imagine baking cookies in it? Or at least dancing around the kitchen?
I also love the Happy Little Dress from Mod Cloth. I think the name says it all.