thank you so [so so] much!

My great, irrational fear in life is that I'm not grateful enough. 

It's totally illogical, as you can only say thank you so many times, and one thank you note is completely sufficient. 

However, it's something that has plagued me my entire life.

I'll walk away from certain settings and think, did I say thank you enough? I hope they know how much I appreciate what I did.   Which typically results in me sending a follow up text or making a quick call, just to say thank you again. 

I already stress about the time in my life that I'll have wedding and baby showers. How will I ever thank every person for such generosity?!

I know it's just a matter of feeling touched by the amazingly supportive people I've been blessed with. I just feel so grateful for all my friends and family do - I really do believe they're far better than average. Overwhelmingly so.

Is it possible I've found the solution with ThankThank Notes?

The site allows you to enter your distribution list from an Excel document and type up a quick (heartfelt) note. From there, they'll handwrite the thank you cards, address them, and send them out for you.

Is this every bride's dream?

Since I'm kind of a thank you note addict, and my handwriting is pretty distinct, I'm not sure the site would work for me.  And, if I don't trust myself to say thank you well enough, I'm not sure my type-A self would be willing to place control into someone else's hands.

However, for corporate communications, it seems kind of ingenious. I can't imagine if I got an email from Kate Spade thanking me with a handwritten note, as opposed to a quick follow up email.  Customer service at its finest...

photo via kate spade