I'm in it for the clothes

“You believe in long hair, peasant skirts and sandals. But you in an open relationship? I don’t think so.” – Blair Waldorf, Gossip Girl

I fell asleep during Back to the Future so I'm iffy on the details of the film. However, I was awake long enough to figure out the movie is about time travel (right??).

While the movie didn't hold my interest, it's been a wish of mine my entire life to live, for even just a day, in every decade of the 1900s.

I just wish I could watch everything develop. In history, I was riveted by Boss Tweed and Tammany Hall. I love learning about Prohibition. For some reason, ever since seventh grade, I've been so intrigued by fallout shelters. And even though free love isn't really my thing, I am captivated by the counterculture of the 1960s.

There is just so much to learn about that history can't show me. I want to watch a traditional man fall in love with a wild flapper girl and struggle as he chooses between the life his father wants and the life she could give him.

I want to watch a perfect little family unit, with a mom and a dad and a boy and a girl, function in a fallout shelter. I want to see the mom put on her apron and use way too much butter and say things like, "happy hands are busy hands".

I want to see the little pieces of Americana in action.

And of course, I want the clothes to be fabulous. I picture the mom in a bright yellow dress with white polka dots (and pearls). Maybe something like the 1950's Sweet Yellow Eyelet Dress from Posh Girl Vintage. Even in a fallout shelter, you'd feel pretty in that gem.

Maybe a decade later, when they've long since abandoned the shelter, her blonde haired daughter, now 16, will rock the 1960's Margaret Smith Mushroom Dress with go-go boots while she swings through the 60s.
If only I could see it all transpire...

Right now, I guess I'll have to settle for what books, movies and vintage online shopping can provide.

I just found this Prep Sweatshirt from Wildfox Couture and the retro feel makes me smile. It looks soft, snuggly and like a track sweatshirt a boy might have given his girlfriend (after he wore it with Ray Bans and shorts that are way too short by today's standards). And in fact, I think the "W" on it might just stand for Whitney. Or wisftul...