party friday

I've kind of (OK completely) forgone Whimsical Wednesdays because there were not really enough things to wish for.

However, every now and then I still stumble upon something fabulous/lavish/beautiful that causes me to dream that way again.

This table has me lusting. It reminds me of Alice in Wonderland and really makes me wish I could throw a party around it.
At my party, I'd serve these cupcakes, too. Wouldn't they look nice sitting atop the table? 
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whimsical wednesday {back to vacationland}

It's embarrassing to admit, but with all of the weddings I've had lately, I can hardly remember the last time I worked a full five day week (like I said, embarrassing).

Wednesdays have become Thursdays as far as I'm concerned, and with today actually feeling like the regular half way point, I'm relearning just how much of a hump it can be.

By no means can I claim that I'm in need of a vacation, but today, among the busyness, I'm dreaming of what I'd do if today were planning one...

Lately I've had my eye on the Thatch Caye Resort in Belize.  It looks absolutely gorgeous, and the private island is automobile free.  It looks like the perfect way to slow down and forget the chaos.

And in case relaxing on the beach isn't entertaining enough, the island offers snorkeling, diving, kayaking and fly-fishing (which my dad would be so proud if I tried).
Of course, after my recent time in vacationland, I'm beginning to realize there are so many places within America that I've yet to explore. And with flights to Belize upwards of $700, I'm thinking this trip may just be blog worthy for now...