If the shoe doesn't fit, don't wear it.

The drawer is jammed?

Don't force it.

The shoe is too small?

Don't force it.

The relationship just isn't working?

Don't force it.

It's a phrase applicable to every aspect of my life, coined by the one and only Dave Biber.

The time I tore the leg off of my American Girl, Molly, trying to get off her shoe...I wish I wouldn't have forced it. And the time I tore the strap off of my semi-formal dress trying to tie it tight enough (as we were walking out the door, by the way)...I wish I wouldn't have forced it.

It may not be eloquent. It may seem to simple. But there is really some merit, and maybe a little bit more depth than you initially realize, to the simple phrase: Don't force it.

So today, on this fine Father's Day, I think of everything my dad has shown me. Of all of the life lessons (which are abundant) he's taught me, this one has taken me the furthest.

Pair it with "It stops on a dime" (his car), "Put it in the warsher" (the washing machine) and "Just cut the mold off" (expired food) and you're talking like Dave. He's truly one of a kind.

No one I know loves consumer reports quite like he does. I've never met a man who is more willing to share his food. And never in my life have I known someone so willing to stay on the phone with me for 2+ hours in order to give me directions.

So, here's to you, Skippy (a nickname that I must confess, we forced). Happy Father's Day, I love you!