Please. I started saving the world when I was still in the womb.

"Christian: Is it James Dean or is it Jason Priestly?
Cher: Carpe Diem! You looked hot in it!"

So, it's official. The Olsen twins are 22. 22 years and three days.
I used to think it was cool that Mary-Kate and Ashley are my age. I felt like they were my friends, in a way. I mean, Melissa Joan Hart and Larisa Oleynik were too old for me. But, MK&A were just three months my senior.

Now, however, it makes me feel a little bit useless. Not in the sense that I am seeking pity or losing confidence, but to think that they have been America's twins for two decades, now, and I'm only just beginning to think about my car
eer is a little bit depressing.

It's the same feeling I get when I watch (OK pretend to watch) the greatest athletes in the world partake in Indiana University athletics.

I remember watching them, thinking they were so mature and big and cool. And now, most of them are younger than me. It gives you that feeling where you wonder if you're getting old. You fear that your twenty first birthday really was the last birthday you'll ever look forward to (I hope, with all of my heart, this is impossible).
It makes me want to write a book, or create and invention, or at the very least, a shocking You Tube video. It really adds a little weight to Carpe Diem.

I guess I should be grateful, though. You know, the Olsen's are inspiring me. They are right up there with Mark Zuckerberg and Jason O'Neill. T
hey give you a reason to keep going and be a little more creative. I certainly can't catch them, but I can strive for a close second.

I'll work a little harder, sleep a little less, think a
little more. And every time I feel weak, I will ask myself: what would MK&A do?