THE american idol

In 2002, YouTube did not exist. Neither did Facebook, TMZ or Gawker. Britney and Christina were still two battling pop princesses. And Nick and Jessica were planning their wedding.

...Oh how times have changed.

2002 also marks the start of American Idol.

What is now not just a TV show, but an empire, with Ford, Coca-Cola, AT&T- and now Edy's- all contributing to it's reign.

Currently hosting auditions for the eighth season, Simon, Randy and Paula show no signs of handing over the crown any time soon, either.

While I admit that I was an avid fan of Season 1 (front row tickets at the concert, mind you) I can't help but wonder if it might be time to call it quits. While it might initially appear that they should continue as they are- with a high number of viewers and outstanding ratings- it seems to be losing some of it's triumph.

The winners aren't really idols in America anymore. While Kelly, Carrie and Katharine are enjoying success, Ruben Studdard and Taylor Hicks are hardly leading lives I'd aspire to have.

Kelly is lucky, she was the first American Idol. She is the original face of the show. It's definitely not as powerful to be the sixth or seventh (or possibly someday 100th) American Idol.
Besides, it would be sweet to be the tenth and final American Idol. I can only imagine the ratings for the the last season. I bet even Kelly would come back to perform- maybe she and Justin Guarini would do a duet.

I was thinking about auditioning for the eighth season, but instead I think I will stick with the true American way- I'm going to hope to be in the right place at the right time. It worked for Britney...