take it from history

"How about I read you a little bit of my favorite poetry? Cocktails at Tiffany's calls for classic charm. Oscar de la Renta sleeveless silk full skirted dress with black patent leather bow belt. Now that is pure poetry." Carrie Bradshaw

After running the Chicago marathon in the hottest temperatures in race history, I can safely say I have very little desire to complete another marathon for quite some time. (The article claims the temperature was 88 degrees, but I promise you when we ran through Little Mexico, it was over 90).

However, while my marathon itch has been successfully scratched, I must admit that it's still nice to be able to say I've run a marathon.

Non-runners generally are stunned for about twenty seconds, then they say, "Wait, you mean a half-marathon right?" or "Not, like, 26 miles, though...right?"

With runners, it's just as rewarding, because when you tell those who have also done a marathon about your accomplishment, you have the insta-bond. No matter the difference in time or location, there is still an understanding that passes through the conversation. A feeling that you have both experienced extreme discomfort, and yet, the way you felt once you crossed the finish line made it all worth it.

I've decided that being able to say you've completed the task, combined with the mutual-experience-bond must be the only reason that anyone would ever want to get on board the WhiteKnightTwo (aka Eve, named after his mom) with Sir Richard Branson.

Yes, it would be cool to be able to say you've been in space. And yes, it would be a serious bonding experience with those around you. But, there is no way you could pay me to be the guinea pig for this idea.

And, furthermore, not only is Mr. Branson not paying his sweet little test drivers, but the passengers are paying him...


Aka the cost of four years of college at not just Indiana University, but the University of Chicago as well.

Aka almost enough to buy a Ferrari 575M Maranello and more than enough to buy the Porsche GT2, which, mind you, is being called the fastest car ever (don't let my Jeep Liberty fool you, now, I'm a car guru...)

Or, most importantly, you could buy 118 of Oscar de la Renta's White Double Face Linen Strapless dresses from his Resort 2009 collection (I may have lied about the cars. But clothes, I know.) Granted, if you want the belt and shoes to accompany the dress, you can only have 74 of them. But, hey, I'd be happy with just one.

And yet, there are some people who would cash in the college, cars and clothes in order to spend a few minutes checking out the moon.


I admit it. It would be cool the see the moon.

But for now, I think I'd rather sit in my Porsche while wearing my Oscar dress (and belt...but not shoes, not in the Porsche!) as I thumb through a picture book of the moon. I trust Neil Armstrong.