Have a Coke and a smile

"Joey: I hate Pottery barn too! They kicked me out of there just because I sat on a bed.
Chandler: You took off your pants and climbed under the sheets!" Friends

Yesterday I enjoyed a Coke in Africa, Europe and Asia. I've officially mastered teleporting.

OK. That's a lie. But I did enjoy Coke from all of those continents, I just remained in Atlanta while doing so. Specifically in the World of Coke.

Katie, Emily and I had a fabulous afternoon exploring the vast world that is the Coke museum. We saw a video in 4-D, tasted a variety of flavors of Coke and met a crazy lady wearing way too much denim.
I learned quite a lot about the company, but what I found most interesting is that a bottle of Coke was a mere five cents from 1886-1956. Can you imagine? At school, my friends and I pledge our loyalty to the Circle K because we can purchase a Diet Coke for seventy three cents.

Consider being able to purchase a Diet Coke for 5 cents. I could have almost fifteen of them for the price I pay now (It's probably for the best that I can't, really).

Thinking about the inexpensive price makes me a little nostalgic for the days before our time. I'd like to be able to go back to 1950 and stock up on Diet Coke before returning to the present.

Similarly, it seems that Jennie Garth is itching for earlier days. She and other members of the Beverly Hills 90210 cast, including Tori Spelling, are set to be in a new series this fall, 90210: The Next Generation.

Long ago, when 90210 was still airing new episodes, my siblings and I were not allowed to watch it. It was banned from our household, along with The Simpsons.

To be honest, I've still never seen The Simpsons. However, I did manage to sneak in an episode of 90210 from time to time. While it was highly entertaining and far ahead of its time with the whole So Cal craze (The O.C., Laguna Beach, The Hills...) I'm a little concerned.

Just because the Sex and the City movie was a hit does not mean everyone should come back for round two (all of this recycling!).

Besides, I'm not sure how well the show will be without Luke Perry. An integral part of the drama surrounded bad boy Dylan's love triangle with Brenda and Kelly; it might really lack something.

As excited as I could be about seeing Beverly Hills' finest reunite, I might be more excited about the potential Friends movie. As far as I'm concerned, as long as the original six characters are all present, it could be amazing.

We better be careful, though. If too many shows enjoy silver screen success, it could get out of control. Before we know it, Danny Tanner will be up there kissing the Olsen twins goodnight.