Girls just want to have fun

When I went to college freshman year, my new friends would joke that all of my friends from senior year were blond. I don't think I purposely discriminated against fellow brunettes, but I guess I thought that I needed to surround myself with blonds, just in case they really did have more fun.

It seems, though, that I should have been seeking out brunettes. Apparently, we're the ones who have more fun...especially on payday.

A recent study revealed that brunettes are more successful in work and love (Brunettes make about $6634 more than blonds per year). So basically, when payday rolls around, brunettes are more likely to enjoy a little shopping trip...and treat their man to a nice dinner.

Luckily, this weekend, everyone will enjoy a little extra cash, as it's a tax free holiday in Georgia. I personally find this to be a fabulous idea. I didn't realize all the things I needed, until I discovered so many of them were tax free. What an ingenious way to stimulate the economy.

When my roommate, Emily, found out it was a tax free weekend, she decided she had to take care of something she'd been putting off. It was time to buy the Kate Spade wallet she'd been eying for so long.

Unfortunately, when she arrived at the cash register, she was informed that the wallet did not qualify for the theme of the holiday: back to school basics.

Personally, I'm on Emily's side. You need a wallet at school, especially in college. I definitely think it should have been tax free. However, the Georgia government begs to disagree.

Already rung up at the register and having dreamt of it all day, she went ahead and bought it. Now, Emily and Kate Spade are happy and the economy is one step closer to revival: she just bought the luxury items we've been neglecting. (I only wish Starbucks qualified as back to school. I mean, study at Starbucks...)

I can't help but wonder if it was a blond or brunette who came up with such a wonderful holiday...or maybe it was a redhead. We can't neglect our redheaded friends. I mean, they may not have as much fun as brunettes, but as far as I can tell, they're still a pretty good time.