work it...

When in a dressing room, there are some surefire ways to tell if a girl likes what she is trying on. For one thing, every girl has a mirror face (some even have a full-body stance). The face can be made not just when she likes a potential purchase, but also when deciding whether or not it's a winner, though.

However, it holds steadfast that if she comes out of the dressing room to look in the mirror and begins to dance to the music playing in the store, she undoubtedly likes it.

When shopping with Katie this weekend, we saw it happen firsthand.

The girl, most likely in her mid- to late-twenties had been in the dressing room for quite some time. She'd emerged in outfit after outfit, modeling for her posse, which included her mom (it was definitely her mom) and potentially two aunts and a grandma (Whether they were truly blood related, it's hard to say. However, they behaved like relatives).

With each outfit, she'd make her face in the mirror, then stand and wait for her mom to tell her what to do. There were a few winners and a few losers among the bunch. However, when she walked out in a brown and white striped dress, looked in the mirror (face in effect) and smiled, I knew she was feeling the ensemble. She quickly turned to her mother and awaited her response, bright-eyed and full of hope. After her mom smiled and gave the dress her blessing, the girl turned back to the mirror. Immediately, as if on cue, she began to dance. She was feeling food. She was definitely buying it.

And, although there were other dresses among the group that I would have chosen over the interestingly striped getup, the fact that she was feeling oh-so-good, made me like it a little bit more. The fact that when she looked in the mirror, she thought "Oh ya, I'm hot. I'm going to dance in this extra-crowded store, in my tax-free dress (ya holidays) and shake it. I don't care if I don't know anyone. That's how good I feel."

And you know what? Since she felt that good, she nearly convinced me she looked that good.

Mind over matter, baby.