ahead of the game

At a time when nothing seems to be quite right (war, bad economy, global warming- and yet it's still freezing...) it's comforting that some things still come together perfectly: 03.03.09.

The first square root day since 02.02.04 and the last until 04.04.16.

Granted it only seems appropriate during these shaky times that I'm a few hours behind- as it's now 03.04.09- not nearly a perfect square.

But, for me, one who is often brushing my teeth one last time while my friends are ready to go, or switching from belt to belt right as my phone alerts me that my meeting is starting, I like to think that maybe being a little behind (from time to time) is the way to go.

Would I have been part of the three car pile up only one car ahead, had I left on time? Would I have remembered to turn off my curling iron if I'd hurried out the door? Would I have gotten sick if I'd sat next to the guy with the flu, instead of being two rows behind (and ten minutes behind)? Would I have missed the new (and beautiful) satin gala tote at J'Crew had I arrived, shopped, and left five minutes earlier?

Of course, this all might be me trying to rationalize a run that was a little too long or a shower that was just too warm to get out of. Or, it might simply be a way of thinking outside the box. I mean, if Prada can get away with sending waders (yes, green fishing waders) down the runway during their fall fashion show and yet still others are actually spending money on a Snuggie (it really is a crazy world we live in) then it seems we can get away with just about anything.

And really, it may be less that we can get away with it and more that we must. We must think creatively. We must force ourselves to look at something one way, then turn it upside down and see it anew. We must give ourselves a little freedom to do what we want and find a way to rationalize it.

So really, sure, I might be a little behind on square root day. But, if you think about it, I'm about seven years, one month, and one day ahead of 04.04.16.