what is her secret?

As I continued my job search today, I realized that the phrase "because of the economy" has become a steady part of my diet.

The class of 2009 is struggling to find jobs because of the economy. There's been an influx of graduate program applicants because of the economy. I can't shop because of the economy.

And while we're all praying to wake up and discover the Dow Jones jumped 3,000 points over night, employers are banging down our doors to offer us our dream jobs (with paid vacations!), and someone accidentally purchased us winning lottery tickets, there are still people who are unaffected by the failing economy.

Who exactly?

Barbie Millicent Roberts.

As she approaches her fiftieth birthday tomorrow, the festivities do not appear to be tainted by the economic slump (she's no recessionista). She's starting her day with a face lift. After that, she's off to her brand new dream home. Finally, she'll revel in her newest 50 outfits.

But don't worry. While Barbie may be living life sans-slump, she still has sympathy for those struggling to get by. The newly unveiled Barbie, face lift and all, will sell for three dollars this week, which is exactly how much she cost in 1959. This is especially generous of Mattel, seeing as three dollars in 1959 is about twenty two dollars today.

And while I might be offended if I turned fifty and people decided I should be made-over and sold at half price, I think it's the perfect way to celebrate Barbie's big day. Besides, it's pretty impressive that she hasn't aged a day in fifty years.