There's no denying the fact that Angelina is a do-gooder. Between she and Brad, they've made amazing improvements to the world.

Just this morning Brad was on the Today Show with Ann Curry talking about his Katrina relief project, the Make It Right Foundation (not only is he rebuilding 150 homes, but it's already the most eco-friendly neighborhood in the nation).
With their high-powered careers, philanthropic endeavors, undeniable good looks, and six babies running around, they've won America over.

But isn't it interesting that even with all of her good deeds, the media still loves Jen just a little bit more than Angelina? She's been on the cover of a major magazine every month this year (if you count international issues for a couple of the months) -- which is far more covers than Angelina. No one was even upset when she posed naked on the cover of GQ.

Maybe that's the beauty of losing your man to the other woman. Or maybe that's just the beauty of looking so good. You can pull it off.

Either way, she looks fab on this month's cover of Elle.