a whole new wardrobe

"Mr Big: We're getting married. Should we get you a diamond?
Carrie: No, non. Just get me a really big closet." Sex and the City: The Movie

When it comes to clothes, I admit that I've been pretty lucky. I have two sisters and a very stylish mom that I've been able to share clothes with my whole life. In college, I was blessed with 120 sorority sisters who maintained an open (closet) door policy. Anytime I wasn't in the mood to wear my own clothes, I took a stroll down the hall to shop in a friend's room.

Now, living solely out of my own closet in Atlanta, I've fallen into a funk. My new skirt? I just wore it. My favorite dress? I wear it every other weekend. That old faithful feel good outfit? Not making me feel so good. I've been so spoiled by having 120 other closets that mine just feels tired (I am three months out...).

However, after this weekend, I'm a new (and now firm) believer that if it were more convenient, the key to a fresh closet is to move.

Even if you keep your closet organized- shoes in clear boxes, sweaters stacked with part of each one showing- you still forget about certain outfits. After moving it all out of my closet (RIP Gables Summer 2k9) I have a new appreciation for the way that blue cardigan looks with that pink skirt. I feel so refreshed that I didn't want to
part with any of it as I began packing it in the car.

Maybe if I just rearranged my drawers and closet every few weeks I'd never be tempted to shop at all...

...maybe, but probably not.

I also have a new appreciation for how much easier it is to move out with the help of your dad and boyfriend. After moving out of Theta all by myself in May (think five flights of stairs), Gables seemed like a breeeeze. Granted I only carried about two loads down while the fellas took care of the rest. But what can I say, I was too busy admiring all my old clothes.