I love everything about sisters.

I love my own. I love watching two sisters interact. I love the relationships they have. I love the way they can be so similar and yet so different. I love looking at them side-by-side and seeing the similarities in their appearances.

If sisters were bad, they would be my vice.

Most of all, I love being able to tell my sisters anything and know that they'll be able to give me the best advice, because they know me so well. They won't give me advice that will benefit them. They won't give me advice based on the way I acted during a certain period of my life. They've seen me grow from the beginning.

And true to form, I love these two sister sites: Twine and Romp. They have so many different products and yet they all have a clean, artsy feel. From necessities to knick knacks, home decor to children's toys, the sites offer so many ways to spend. Ah the temptation!

Of course the sites are so aesthetically appealing that I found myself needing everything. I may not have any gifts to give or crafts to make, but I suddenly really wanted these spools of ribbon. Sure, I work by Michael's, which has an abundance of ribbon, but these are so pretty...
I also have real soft spots for paper products, bows and birthdays, which means this happy birthday bow card is like my Kryptonite. But at least there are three, one for me and each of my sisters. Which means, I'd be mixing my vice and my weakness. That might be asking for trouble...