Under the umbrella tree

It's National Umbrella Month and today's thunderstormy weather is the perfect opportunity to celebrate.

Along with my love for Hunter's is my love for umbrellas*. There are a few keys to successful umbrella-ing.

The first is that the umbrella is sturdy. It's the worst when you're caught in a storm and it flips inside out and breaks. Or, when you pull it out of your tote and it won't open at all.

Davek umbrellas are durable and come with a lifetime guarantee. They're offered in a variety of sizes and colors, too. Who could be grumpy about the rain when carrying a kiwi umbrella?
The second key is that the umbrella doesn't ruin your outfit.

I love the Double Sided Lola Dot from Umbrellas.net. I have a real soft spot for secrets and I'd love to have a different pattern on the inside. You want to know what's under my umbrella? You'll have to share it with me...
And I'd be lying if I didn't admit that I love the Burberry Check Compact Umbrella. Flashy? Maybe. But with a black trench, like the Kenneth Cole New York Trapunto Stitched Coat, there's no denying you'd be fabulous.

*It's time to come clean. I don't just love umbrellas and rain boots. I love all accessories. Rainy day, sunny day, resort wear, office wear, indoor, outdoor - even camping. I love them all. This should be considered as you trust my judgement in the future.