life lately

Happy Wednesday readerfriends! I haven't done many life updates lately, so I thought I'd share some around these parts. Here's some of the good stuff from the last few weeks:

Sharing: On Robyn's blog today. Go check her out :) She has awesome words to share.

Loving: My Fresh Harvest (c/o) veggies. Siberian Kale came in my most recent box and it was unreal fresh. It was easily the best kale I've ever had. Yep! Best ever. (If you're new around here, get the download/a referral code for Fresh Harvest.)

Eating: I recently made this Sriracha Lime Chicken salad for Chris and I and it rocked our worlds. Nothing says fresh like grilled pineapple. Hello spring!

Reading: The Cuckoo's Calling and Scary Close. Too soon to share my thoughts, but so far, so good!

Obsessing: Over the Espresso Pull Bar at Argosy in Atlanta. I went with some girls for brunch last Saturday and tried the Original. Holy cow. Espresso, coconut milk, almond milk and chocolate. Needless to say, it was like a dessert. And amazing!

Rejoicing: That spring has arrived {and April!}. I head to the beach with my family this weekend to celebrate my mom's birthday and couldn't be more excited about it.

Happy day! Do good out there!

spring sprang

Mother nature has been so good to us lately. Warming up our souls with lots of sunshine and happiness.

Last night after dinner, Katie and I went for a walk and had wine time. Totting around our sweet neighborhood with her puppy, we were both cheesing like fools. Spring is here; our hearts are happy. We'll be poolside before we know it.

Here's to hoping it will stick around through the weekend. I spy lots of park time and a surplus of Vitamin D (fingers crossed!).

Happy Friday to you!


bright&happy thursday

Am I in trouble? This morning I thought: I'm kind of ready for spring clothes...

I haven't even worn tights yet this season! I've barely even busted out my favorite cardis! I've still got piles of layers to work through...!

Although, I think it's more just a matter of wanting to wear bright colors - whether it be a kini or a coat need not matter.

So today, clad in a coral belt and neon headband, I greet you with a little extra spring in my step. Here's to a neon November!

Oh man. How much do these pencils make you want to color!?

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