spring sprang

Mother nature has been so good to us lately. Warming up our souls with lots of sunshine and happiness.

Last night after dinner, Katie and I went for a walk and had wine time. Totting around our sweet neighborhood with her puppy, we were both cheesing like fools. Spring is here; our hearts are happy. We'll be poolside before we know it.

Here's to hoping it will stick around through the weekend. I spy lots of park time and a surplus of Vitamin D (fingers crossed!).

Happy Friday to you!


kappow! moving and cuppows...

Moving weekend is upon us! I hope that this is the last time I post about this topic for a looong time. I am so ready for my things to be neatly in their places: hangers hung, colors coded, drawers folded, socks matched...

It's going to be blissful.

My dad and mom arrive today to help, which equals a doubly special weekend.

If I didn't already have quite a bit to move, I think this would be the ideal time to invest in a Cuppow. My parents, who are the anti-clutter and anti-collections king and queen, love Ball jars - to the point that they've actually allowed themselves to cultivate quite the collection. Are they on display? Absolutely not. But they still love them in their hearts.

The coffee will surely be flowing this weekend, and I think a Cuppow would have been a great way to transport our coffee from Brookhaven to Midtown. Whappow! Next time, I guess. Which, I promise, won't be for a while...


image one and two

here we go again!

The question at hand is: why did I buy multiple sheets of return address labels when I knew I was only staying at my current location temporarily?

Because of my admitted (more than once) addiction to snail mail? Maybe. Or because I had every intention of sending Christmas cards, and they’re still in a basket under my bed? That too. And also because I wanted my temporary abode to feel like home.

And it did.

But now, I’m on the move. My current roommate, Katie, and I are headed south – to Midtown, that is (Midtown is south, right?). I’ve got two groceryless weeks in my current place until I pack it up again and begin calling Piedmont Park, and Melissa and Sally, my neighbors. Oh, I’m so excited!

Di di di! See you at Park Tavern!