{free coffee, free happies}

Something you should know about me is this: I'm a gift card hoarder. I never spend them because I obsess over buying the perfect thing. I'm a total prisoner to the plastic, which means I have about 50 in my purse (not an exaggeration). It's like the candle you never burn or the outfit you never wear because you love them so much.

For Lent I decided to give something away every day. Whether it's big or small need not matter - it could be a clothing item, essential oil, coffee mug or anything in between. I'm hoping that by giving away things - especially things I like - I will be less attached to my possessions and cultivate a posture of giving in my own life.

Last night, I decided to tackle my personal struggle and give away a gift card. I added $25 to an existing Starbucks card (making it just over $40 for 40 days of Lent) and posted it to Instagram this morning. I thought it would be fun for people to grab a coffee on their way into work.

It was the best morning watching the card be used and, just as it got to $0, someone reloaded it. Over and over again, people kept using it, then adding more. It was the gift card that never stopped giving and I was ecstatic all afternoon as it kept going and going.

It got me thinking about the way I look at my possessions. Sometimes I feel weighed down by them - I have so much stuff; do I really need it all? What the experiment taught me is that sometimes, having something to yourself can bring you joy. But most of the time, sharing it with others bring the joy back ten fold.

I don't know what is left on the card, but feel free to get yourself a coffee (you can scan it just like a gift card), add more to it, buy for a stranger or create your own way to share the love.

Happy Wednesday, my friends!

darker than my skin

My freshman year of college, my friend Maggie always forced herself to drink her coffee black, because she, who was pre-med, said that if she was ever going to be a real doctor, she had to learn to like it that way. I'm not sure who told her this, but she was adamant about it as she struggled through the bitter every day.

I have the exact opposite relationship with coffee. Skim? Yep. Cream? Of course. Sugar? Obviously.

For a while now, Katie and Sara have been trying to get my to drink it a little darker. They joke that no matter what, even in the dead of winter, my coffee is always paler than me. I'd like to think they're complimenting my complexion, but I'd be lying to myself.

However, I mentioned last week that I am sugar free so far in 2012 (minus the occasional cocktail), and the most difficult challenge has been my java.

This is how I like it:
However, I'm making strides and am down to just a little cream:
And even sometimes, Maggie-style:
Soon enough I'll be drinking with the doctors!

kappow! moving and cuppows...

Moving weekend is upon us! I hope that this is the last time I post about this topic for a looong time. I am so ready for my things to be neatly in their places: hangers hung, colors coded, drawers folded, socks matched...

It's going to be blissful.

My dad and mom arrive today to help, which equals a doubly special weekend.

If I didn't already have quite a bit to move, I think this would be the ideal time to invest in a Cuppow. My parents, who are the anti-clutter and anti-collections king and queen, love Ball jars - to the point that they've actually allowed themselves to cultivate quite the collection. Are they on display? Absolutely not. But they still love them in their hearts.

The coffee will surely be flowing this weekend, and I think a Cuppow would have been a great way to transport our coffee from Brookhaven to Midtown. Whappow! Next time, I guess. Which, I promise, won't be for a while...


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lust list: for on the go

Since November, I have officially ruined three travel coffee mugs.

The first two were supposedly dishwasher safe, but after a few too many washes, the liner ended up filled with water (they now steam up on muggy days).

The third was from Starbucks and on Thursday, I went to unscrew the lid and the mug disassembled itself.  It's currently still usable, but I have a feeling a leak is on the way.

I've since been on the prowl for a new travel mug. I typically prefer it when they're monogrammed, but I'm kind of loving Lilly Pulitzer's Queen of Green and Hanging Around mugs. I think they're very summer happy, which is exactly what I'll need when I'm drinking coffee on cold winter mornings.