darker than my skin

My freshman year of college, my friend Maggie always forced herself to drink her coffee black, because she, who was pre-med, said that if she was ever going to be a real doctor, she had to learn to like it that way. I'm not sure who told her this, but she was adamant about it as she struggled through the bitter every day.

I have the exact opposite relationship with coffee. Skim? Yep. Cream? Of course. Sugar? Obviously.

For a while now, Katie and Sara have been trying to get my to drink it a little darker. They joke that no matter what, even in the dead of winter, my coffee is always paler than me. I'd like to think they're complimenting my complexion, but I'd be lying to myself.

However, I mentioned last week that I am sugar free so far in 2012 (minus the occasional cocktail), and the most difficult challenge has been my java.

This is how I like it:
However, I'm making strides and am down to just a little cream:
And even sometimes, Maggie-style:
Soon enough I'll be drinking with the doctors!