check it off

Two of the things I most strongly believe in are:
1. Laziness is the real root of all evil.
2. Clutter is draining and exhausting.

I also very strongly believe in list making and (I should not admit this, I realize) make two lists every day, one professional and one personal. It's a pretty solid process; I make the list in the morning, and then highlight as I go throughout the day. The list for work is in a notepad and the personal one is on looseleaf lined paper. After I check everything off, I throw it away. But, if I haven't finished something on it, I can't throw the list away.

Last weekend, I was a little behind on things, and realized I was carrying 13 lists around. 13! And then it hit me: this is equivalent to clutter. Sure, they're all stashed away in my planner. But they're still draining - especially since all of them had one, or maybe two, things on them. And - worst of all - it was almost the same thing on every list: buy bike for triathlon.

Seriously? I don't need 13 reminders to buy a bike for a race I'm doing, especially since it is at the forefront of my mind how insanely behind I am going to be if I don't get on it.

And the sickest part of all is that on a few of the lists, one of the tasks was: manage lists.

It's a disease.

I checked the remaining items off, minus the bike (grr!), and allowed myself to purge all of the lists with "buy bike!" on it. I don't think I am going to forget.

And. I'm actually lying because I consolidated everything into a new list and put little bikey on there. It's getting checked off reallll soon. Promise.

PS: Don't judge me.