orange you glad?

Hallelujah oh my stars yaay! Yesterday, after three months of detoxing, two of which have been completely sugar free, I have been officially granted permission to add fruit back into my diet. Still no grains or refined sugar, but I don' I'm so stinking excited to eat fruit again. I can't think of a better way to kick-start the most fabulous month of March

A funny thing happened during the course of my sugar freeness. My taste buds have changed completely. Things like natural peanut butter (just nuts+salt) taste sweet. My Reginald's cashew butter tastes like absolute candy. Once an exclusive Riesling and White Zin drinker, now I opt for the slightly dryer Pinot.

I feel weirdly dramatic saying this, but I almost can't imagine what it'll taste like when I try ice cream and chocolate milk (my two obsessions pre-detox) again. Will I still like them? Will I be able to add sprinkles to my froyo? Or will it be too much?  (Seriously.)

Last night after leaving the doctor's office, I bee-lined for Whole Foods to stock up on fruit. Upon arriving, I got so overwhelmed with options that I walked out with only bananas. There were too many options! So much potential! Fight or flight at its finest.

I can't wait to jazz up my smoothie regimen, eat Greek yogurt with fruit, and, oh my gosh, have a banana with peanut butter for breakfast. Cloud nining to the max!

I hope your Thursday is equally as exciting as mine. Even if it's the little things, like tiny baby blueberries. Nom!

PS: Best Leap Day ever.
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kappow! moving and cuppows...

Moving weekend is upon us! I hope that this is the last time I post about this topic for a looong time. I am so ready for my things to be neatly in their places: hangers hung, colors coded, drawers folded, socks matched...

It's going to be blissful.

My dad and mom arrive today to help, which equals a doubly special weekend.

If I didn't already have quite a bit to move, I think this would be the ideal time to invest in a Cuppow. My parents, who are the anti-clutter and anti-collections king and queen, love Ball jars - to the point that they've actually allowed themselves to cultivate quite the collection. Are they on display? Absolutely not. But they still love them in their hearts.

The coffee will surely be flowing this weekend, and I think a Cuppow would have been a great way to transport our coffee from Brookhaven to Midtown. Whappow! Next time, I guess. Which, I promise, won't be for a while...


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