orange you glad?

Hallelujah oh my stars yaay! Yesterday, after three months of detoxing, two of which have been completely sugar free, I have been officially granted permission to add fruit back into my diet. Still no grains or refined sugar, but I don' I'm so stinking excited to eat fruit again. I can't think of a better way to kick-start the most fabulous month of March

A funny thing happened during the course of my sugar freeness. My taste buds have changed completely. Things like natural peanut butter (just nuts+salt) taste sweet. My Reginald's cashew butter tastes like absolute candy. Once an exclusive Riesling and White Zin drinker, now I opt for the slightly dryer Pinot.

I feel weirdly dramatic saying this, but I almost can't imagine what it'll taste like when I try ice cream and chocolate milk (my two obsessions pre-detox) again. Will I still like them? Will I be able to add sprinkles to my froyo? Or will it be too much?  (Seriously.)

Last night after leaving the doctor's office, I bee-lined for Whole Foods to stock up on fruit. Upon arriving, I got so overwhelmed with options that I walked out with only bananas. There were too many options! So much potential! Fight or flight at its finest.

I can't wait to jazz up my smoothie regimen, eat Greek yogurt with fruit, and, oh my gosh, have a banana with peanut butter for breakfast. Cloud nining to the max!

I hope your Thursday is equally as exciting as mine. Even if it's the little things, like tiny baby blueberries. Nom!

PS: Best Leap Day ever.
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