making our house a home

This is the story about a lonely wall.
And a little piece of wood Katie got for free at the Home Depot.
She stained the wood and we put a few nailskis in it.
Then we put it on the wall, which was a whole lot like the blind leading the blind, mainly when Katie said, "we need one of those measuring sticks." (read: tape measurer)
Then we popped our aprons up on it.
(&it fell one time)
But the second time, it stuck.

And our lonely wall became our happy wall.
The end.

PS: Double DIY weekend. Stay tuned for another project.
PPS: Check out the cutie birdhouse Katie painted. Labor of love.
PPS: And that's how Sunday becomes Funday at 10 p.m.

it's the climb...

Lately, Katie and I have been space cadetting out a little bit.

Exhibit A: We had people over before the fest last weekend, and midway through noticed that the house smelled a little tinsy bit like gas. We're still not sure how the stove got on, but we are sure that neither of us knew it. This also may or may not have been the third time the stove has left itself on.

Fast forward to a few short hours later and we discovered that we'd somehow locked ourselves out of our little home. Those keys walked themselves into that lock, I tell ya.

Sunday afternoon, when we still hadn't heard back from our neighbor re: our spare key, we had to get creative. I remembered that fortunately, I hadn't locked the window, and we'd left a spare on the window sill. With just a little pushing and climbing, we retrieved it.


Oh, and any bad guys reading my blog: we locked the window and moved the key so don't eeeven try this trick.

spring sprang

Mother nature has been so good to us lately. Warming up our souls with lots of sunshine and happiness.

Last night after dinner, Katie and I went for a walk and had wine time. Totting around our sweet neighborhood with her puppy, we were both cheesing like fools. Spring is here; our hearts are happy. We'll be poolside before we know it.

Here's to hoping it will stick around through the weekend. I spy lots of park time and a surplus of Vitamin D (fingers crossed!).

Happy Friday to you!


deep sighs

"Be patient toward all that is unsolved in your heart and try to love the questions themselves." Rainer Maria Rilke

My bestie Katie heard this quote in yoga last week and read it to me. As as admitted worrier, learning to let go has been an ongoing quest of mine. And although I've gotten better in the last few months, and have been far less consumed with worry than I was say, in March, it never hurts to be reminded that (1) most girls worry and (2) everything works out just how it should.

So why try to figure things out, when we can just embrace the mystery of not knowing what's to come? It's kind of like living in a Nancy Drew book. Or better yet, a Choose Your Own Adventure book. The choices are ours, and the outcome may be unknown to us, but it's already written. So just sit back, relax and enjoy the reading.