it's the climb...

Lately, Katie and I have been space cadetting out a little bit.

Exhibit A: We had people over before the fest last weekend, and midway through noticed that the house smelled a little tinsy bit like gas. We're still not sure how the stove got on, but we are sure that neither of us knew it. This also may or may not have been the third time the stove has left itself on.

Fast forward to a few short hours later and we discovered that we'd somehow locked ourselves out of our little home. Those keys walked themselves into that lock, I tell ya.

Sunday afternoon, when we still hadn't heard back from our neighbor re: our spare key, we had to get creative. I remembered that fortunately, I hadn't locked the window, and we'd left a spare on the window sill. With just a little pushing and climbing, we retrieved it.


Oh, and any bad guys reading my blog: we locked the window and moved the key so don't eeeven try this trick.

let it shine

Today is the Chinese Lantern Festival, which marks the last day of their New Year celebration. It is also a day celebrated for love.

While we don’t celebrate it in the US, I recently fell in love with these lanterns, and figured it was an appropriate time to post them. They’re vintage submarine bulkhead lamps and I think they’d be pretty fabulous in the right home.

Consider this another reason to celebrate.

bye bye house, hello apartment

I thought I might feel like a grown up when I graduated college.  Or when I started my first job. Or started paying bills.  It never happened.

And now that I have my own apartment with [real] real bills, I still don't feel like one.

So now I'm thinking it might happen when I get married. Or have a baby.  Or when my baby has a baby? Or maybe I'll never really believe I'm a grown up.

While I do not exactly feel more mature, it does feel very different walking into my own apartment, as opposed to my parents house.

And, while I absolutely love the feeling, I also must say that for the last year I had the best roommates I could have asked for.  I had so much fun living with my parents and walked away feeling closer to them than ever before (I also walked away more interested in Dancing With the Stars and The Biggest Loser than I care to admit).  This time around, they really were more like my friends, and I am so grateful for our time together.

Now I just can't wait for them to visit, so I can show them to same hospitality they showed me.  Maybe THEN I'll feel like a grown up.