it's the climb...

Lately, Katie and I have been space cadetting out a little bit.

Exhibit A: We had people over before the fest last weekend, and midway through noticed that the house smelled a little tinsy bit like gas. We're still not sure how the stove got on, but we are sure that neither of us knew it. This also may or may not have been the third time the stove has left itself on.

Fast forward to a few short hours later and we discovered that we'd somehow locked ourselves out of our little home. Those keys walked themselves into that lock, I tell ya.

Sunday afternoon, when we still hadn't heard back from our neighbor re: our spare key, we had to get creative. I remembered that fortunately, I hadn't locked the window, and we'd left a spare on the window sill. With just a little pushing and climbing, we retrieved it.


Oh, and any bad guys reading my blog: we locked the window and moved the key so don't eeeven try this trick.