the power of the rain

What's worse than being caught in the rain unexpectedly [i.e. no boots or umbrella]?

Being caught in the rain with no boots, umbrella, or cell.

Or, for that matter, being caught anywhere without your cell.

Presenting Orange's Power Wellies.
The boots have a power generating sole that converts heat generated from your feet into an electrical current. After 12 hours of walking, the boots will provide enough power to charge a mobile phone for one hour.

And if one hour isn't quite enough, just add a little pep to your step - the more heat generated, the more power provided.

I might still opt for Hunter's when it comes down to it, but I can't deny the practicality of these wellies...

Photo via mashable

lust list: practically impractical

Although I began debating what color Hunter wellies to buy in February and was coming close to a decision by March, I never ended up purchasing them.

I didn't feel right about it since I don't live in a walking city.  I made a deal with myself that if I move to Chicago or New York, or another walking city, I could buy them.  I also decided that in the unlikely event that I move to Seattle, I can buy multiple pairs.

But, here I am, in a driving city, with my black rain boots packed away, deep in my closet.

Thus, Hunter's are simply lust-worthy, but not yet worth buying...
PS: I have to add that I became less enamored by them when Emily told me the sock inserts don't stay put. That's half the appeal!

One more thing - if you're looking for an alternative to Hunter's (not that I need another type of rain boots to adore), check out Loeffler Randall's new rain boots and rain booties. They look uncannily similar to my dad's green hunting boots, but I kind of like them...

rain rain

After a full week of what has to have been one of Indiana's most beautiful springs, I couldn't be happier. My skin is looking slightly sun-kissed and I feel rejuvenated after spending every free moment outside.

Unfortunately, today is overcast, with rain in our future. But as long as it's out of here by the weekend, I'm OK with it. Of course, it makes it almost impossible not to think about Hunter's... Photo via apartment #34