lust list: practically impractical

Although I began debating what color Hunter wellies to buy in February and was coming close to a decision by March, I never ended up purchasing them.

I didn't feel right about it since I don't live in a walking city.  I made a deal with myself that if I move to Chicago or New York, or another walking city, I could buy them.  I also decided that in the unlikely event that I move to Seattle, I can buy multiple pairs.

But, here I am, in a driving city, with my black rain boots packed away, deep in my closet.

Thus, Hunter's are simply lust-worthy, but not yet worth buying...
PS: I have to add that I became less enamored by them when Emily told me the sock inserts don't stay put. That's half the appeal!

One more thing - if you're looking for an alternative to Hunter's (not that I need another type of rain boots to adore), check out Loeffler Randall's new rain boots and rain booties. They look uncannily similar to my dad's green hunting boots, but I kind of like them...