uniform required

When I was five, Sara moved in next door. A little peanut, with more hair and personality than body, she busted in to our family cookout one June evening. She drove up in her electric Barbie car and hollered, "Whitneyy I'm heeereee!", beckoning me to hop in the passenger seat.

We were fast friends.

Later in the summer, her parents took both of us to Kings Island. As fun as the trip was, what I remember most was that my mom made me wear a sundress. Even at five, I knew a sundress was not going to be the chosen attire for most Kings Islanders.

It was a navy dress with red tulips that my aunt Carol made for me. Loose and airy, it was my summer uniform. And although my instincts told me to put up a fight, I was happy to be wearing it as I sat on Yogi Bear's lap in the kiddie park.

Upon reflection, I've realized that almost every summer since I have had a sundress that I can't get enough of. My tie-dye dress from when I was six, a floral dress from Gap when I was in eighth grade, a navy sundress for when I first moved to Atlanta. My summers are easily marked by comfortable dresses that I, being uber habitual, unapologetically make my uniform.

Being on a major skirt binge this summer, I thought this year might be an exception.

It took me until July, but I have officially found my favorite summer dress. It's black and white from the Bali Batiks resort line and it honestly could not be more comfortable.

And although I am totally satisfied with the find, I can't help but keep my options open. I am abstaining from buying, but, in case you're still in search of your summer sundress...

If you're feeling retro and nautical: Anthro's Nearby Coast Dress. It screams comfort.
If you're feeling sweet: Going to San Francisco Dress in Stems from Mod Cloth.
If you're feeling hippie, but still vibrant: V-neck halter jersey maxi dress from Victoria's Secret. I've kind of been lusting after it for a few months.