designer dipes

I have a problem.

Actually, to call it a problem is a bit ridiculous.

More accurately: I have a quirk.

Oftentimes, when I buy something new, I can't bring myself to wear it. I know that once I wear it, it will never be the same. Even if I don't wash it after the first wear, it will still be a little looser and less crisp.

Therefore, I let things sit in my closet for weeks until I find the perfect first occasion. I have skirts from last summer that I've still only wore a few times because I love them so much that I have a hard time finding an event worthy enough.

It's completely ridiculous. Essentially, I'm afraid to wear my favorite clothing items.

The problem increases exponentially with nicer items of clothing. I have a skirt I bought recently, which I absolutely should have declined to purchase and just prayed it would go on sale. Instead, though, I bought it, and now I can't bring myself to wear it. What sort of evening is worthy of it, in all it's black-and-white-striped-glory?

This makes me wonder what sort of person would be inclined to buy the new Cynthia Rowley diapers for Pampers.

They're nicer/pricier than standard diapers, which means that I, personally, would have a harder time using them (clearly imagining as I have no use for diapers).

If I get anxiety over unnecessary wrinkles in a new skirt, I can't imagine how I'd feel if a baby were to poop all over the beautiful little pastel, striped, madras or ruffled creation. And then, to think, once you use it, it has to be thrown away! It can't even go to the dry cleaners in an attempt to get it back to new.

I'm afraid I'd be tempted to buy them and then they'd end up sitting on the shelf, while I debated: Is there a chance she'll (again the imaginary babe) be running around naked at this party? If not, I think I should just stick with the standard whitey...

But, even if they seem a little over the top, there's no denying they're adorable...

Photos courtesy of Pampers.