lust list

My family is made up of people who like to do the right thing.  We have strong, omnipresent consciences that ensure we like to please.

This desire to please makes us very definite gift-list-users.  We take the creation of our birthday/Christmas lists very seriously and distribute them in a timely manner.  This way, as gift givers, we are positive that if we're unsure as to what to give one another, we have a back up plan.

With my birthday being 10 days away, my list has long since been distributed.  However, there are a few items that didn't make the list.  They're either too outlandish or too tardy.  I've decided to use these items to create a lust list. 

Until my birthday, I'll present one gift that I'm not really asking for, but that I feel would be a nice gift, just in case you're in the process of making your own list...

The first item was inspired by my dad.  It's the Holly clutch from the new line of Tiffany handbags, to be unveiled on September 1. Every item in the line has Tiffany blue somewhere on it - whether it's the entire bag or just on the clasp.  I love the light blue one.