new love

It's a very rare item in my closet that makes me wish for fall. I typically cling to my favorite sundresses for as long as possible. I often find myself standing in front of my closet in October wondering if I can either (a) stretch my white skirts this far past Labor Day or (b) begin working winter white this early.

However, in New York I bought the Small Gold Lion on Leather Bracelet, in brown, by Alexandra Beth. It's heavier than most of the other bracelets I own and doesn't fit easily in to my jewelry repetoire, especially considering I wear the same two bracelets every day, but I absolutely can't get enough of it. 
I find myself constantly trying to build entire outfits around it, which is challenging since I'm also simultaneously trying to fully embrace the last of my light yellows, seersuckers, and white linens. 

My love for the bracelet is enhanced because the creator, Alexandra Beth, is a recent Emory graduate who is friends with Katie and Emily.  Honestly, what's better than supporting a young artist and busting out of your typical style rutt?