Tuesday newsday

A few things I think you should probably know today...

1. Jimmy Choo and Ugg joined forces to create the "Chugg". Nicky Hilton accidentally released a picture. I am accidentally blogging about it (via stylelist).
2. Millenials are failing to launch, Matthew Mcconaughey style.

3. Katie Holmes and the cast of The Romantics, to be released on September 10, are in the J.Crew September issue, looking almost as fabulous as she looks when dressed as Jackie O.
4. There is a 60 mile traffic jam in China that could last until mid-September. Which means the new issue of J.Crew and The Romantics could come out before the traffic jam is cleared.

5. Today is Alaska's 98th birthday. Shared also with Rupert Grint, who turns 22.