better together

When it comes to traveling, I am both blessed and cursed with rosy retrospection.  I am often ready to get home while I'm on long trips, yet I always look back on them with very positive feelings.

I remember feeling this way about summer camp the first time. By Wednesday, I was ready to go home. By the following Monday, I was ready to go back to camp.

I blame my strong desire to get home on my family. No matter how much fun I'm having away from them, it's inevitable that we'd probably be having more fun together.

Those who suffer from the same problem that I do can rest easy with the new Traveler's Choice Collection. You can purchase authentic accessories from all over the world: bracelets from Kenya, sarongs from Mustique, pillows from India.
And while it may seem a little silly to those who don't experience the same problem (why pretend you've been to Kenya? Just go to Kenya...), once you've experienced a full weekend of my family's festivities, you'll understand why you may opt for Indiana over India, too.

A quick look into just how lovely it is when we're together...