Love in NOLA

This past weekend I traveled to New Orleans for my sweet friend Ali's wedding. It was my first time visiting the city and I was definitely taken aback. I don't know how NYC beat it out as the city that never sleeps. New Orleanians never sleep, nor do they ever stop celebrating.

Bourbon Street was fun and the French Quarter was undeniably enticing, but my favorite part was getting away from the hustle. The church was a few miles out and I absolutely loved see this portion of the city. It was beautiful and very tradition-rich. It reminded me a lot of Savannah.

Other highlights included Cafe du Monde, the Farmers' Market, the shopping and the street music ev.ery.where.

And, of course, Ali and Doug's beautiful wedding.

Congratulations Ali and Doug!

sweet love

The post-vacation dust has settled and I'm officially missing the beach! We had such a great time in OBX celebrating Chris and Sam's wedding and, while she's felt like part of our family for a long time, I'm so excited we made it official. They offer so much good&love to one another, and I've never seen Chris so happy.

And it was absolutely wonderful to have our family together again. I always walk away from time with them wondering how the heck we survive miles apart, because really nothing makes me happier than being together. From bocce and runs on the beach to dancing (and dancing and dancing) to four square to oversized family dinners, I just adore them all so much.

PS: Court has lots of amazing pics too.