july around here

Happy Thursday, friends! 

I had this post all ready to go this week, then I came down with the stomach flu. Ick! It reminded me of a little blogging truth that's important to remember: people always post the good stuff, so it's really important not to compare your real life to someone's blog life. If I were to post what my Tuesday around 1 p.m. looked like, it would not be pretty.

But, alas, here's the post I wanted to share with you before I spent my week on the bathroom tile :)


Normally, I hoard my summer weekends. Meaning, I try to leave them as unscheduled as possible, so the warm, long days turn into warm, long weeks. I yearn for July days that are full of what should we do today? and where should we go next?

But this year has been different. July has been packed, with travel every weekend. Although it has made the month fly by, I'm so grateful for the time with dear friends, in sweet cities. Here's what we've been up to around these parts:

We had a Fourth of July cookout with our Atlanta framily.

And a lake trip to south Georgia with dear friends.

Chris and I snuck in a date night, where we saw a movie. Yes, a movie! It was our second movie ever. We saw Inside Out and loved, loved it. If only every movie could be that good! We took an elevator selfie to document the unusual occurrence.

We went to Raleigh for a wedding. Chris was in the wedding, so I spent the day exploring that sweet city town on foot. I grabbed an iced coffee from Brew Coffee Bar, which was g.o.o.d. I'm thinking Raleigh may be my next city guide.

{Speaking of which, thank you to everyone who has pinned my Nashville City Guide. That has gotten a lot more action than I ever expected!}

Chris and I went to Birmingham for the inaugural Sloss Festival. We loved Lord Huron and First Aid Kit! Also! Loved Steel City Pops. Holy vanilla! All of their flavors are gluten free, which I quite liked.

{Turns out Octane Birmingham is just as good as Octane Atlanta}

When we got back into town, we had the pure joy of meeting our friends' new baby, Davis. I couldn't be happier to see Katie & Austen become parents.

And that's July!

I'm supposed to leave for Charleston for a bachelorette party today, but with being sick am going to hopefully be up for it tomorrow. So now, back to the couch :) I hope your week has been swell!

first weekend of summer in ATL

One of my all-time favorite holidays each year is the first day of summer. Nothing says happy to me like the longest day of the year. This past week I've been celebrating with as much time as possible in that sweet Georgia sun. With that sweet man-made sunscreen :) Here's what I've been up to:


Free King of Pops yoga on the BeltLine (every Tuesday - 7 p.m.!) with Melly.

{Melly got this sweet Atlanta on the Rise mug from Foster ATL}

Slow mornings with good convo&coffee on my brothers' deck before the sun gets too hot. 


King of Pops in honor of our Pops on Father's Day! No better way for a Biber to celebrate someone they love than with dessert. It's our love language.


A pool day (with more sunscreen) to celebrate our sweet friend Megan's birthday.


And two (yes, two!) trips to the new Victory in Inman Park. Mile High Club and Tea Bird gluten free sandwiches for this girl! So good. And so happy. Welcome back to the neighborhood, Victory! We're so glad you're here.

And now it is officially my favorite season of the year! Happy Monday!

This Weekend: Avett Bros in ATL

In the summer, my entire being craves outdoor concerts. During the rest of the year, I don't think about concerts much at all. But, ah, in the summer. Just give me music + a drink + some humidity and I'm all set.

{Memorial Day this year - kickstarted the summer with DMB}

A few weeks ago, ScoreBig, an online ticket vendor, reached out to me to see if I'd post a review. Their site is a little different than others, because (similarly to Priceline), you name your own price. If they accept the price, you'll be notified right away. And if they don't accept it, you won't be charged at all, but you also won't be able to bid on the tickets again for 24 hours. They have a little meter under the bidding to let you know the likelihood of your bid being accepted, which is quite helpful. 
I bid on two Avett Brothers tickets and my price was accepted. And a totally unexpected bonus was that when they came in the mail (almost immediately), they had a parking pass with them, too, which I did not realize I'd receive. 

So, this coming weekend, Chris and I are heading to Avett Bros on Friday. And, moving forward, I'll certainly use ScoreBig for tickets again. Although my bid was only a few dollars lower than face value, every dollar saved helps! 

And now, Avett Bros here we come!

In exchange for this post I received a ScoreBig voucher. The opinions, however, are my own and were not influenced by the incentive. 

life lately

I told Chris recently that I love doing life with him. This sweet summer pace that offers events and busy right alongside slow and humid. These sunshiney days and sticky patio nights coupled with air conditioned sleeps. Just life; good life. 

It's warm and happy with big events like my beautiful friend, Abby's, wedding last weekend at the Fox. I was blown away by her elegant affair.

And the Summer Supper Series at Two Urban Licks to celebrate Chris and my Meetiversary.

Yes those special nights, but also the slow and easy - the normal.

Like grocery shopping, making dinner, going to church, building absurdly huge salads at Whole Foods, pool days, workouts and everything in between. It's easy and steady and reminds me daily not to create chaos, but instead to enjoy every sweet summer minute. 

I hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend!