This Weekend: Avett Bros in ATL

In the summer, my entire being craves outdoor concerts. During the rest of the year, I don't think about concerts much at all. But, ah, in the summer. Just give me music + a drink + some humidity and I'm all set.

{Memorial Day this year - kickstarted the summer with DMB}

A few weeks ago, ScoreBig, an online ticket vendor, reached out to me to see if I'd post a review. Their site is a little different than others, because (similarly to Priceline), you name your own price. If they accept the price, you'll be notified right away. And if they don't accept it, you won't be charged at all, but you also won't be able to bid on the tickets again for 24 hours. They have a little meter under the bidding to let you know the likelihood of your bid being accepted, which is quite helpful. 
I bid on two Avett Brothers tickets and my price was accepted. And a totally unexpected bonus was that when they came in the mail (almost immediately), they had a parking pass with them, too, which I did not realize I'd receive. 

So, this coming weekend, Chris and I are heading to Avett Bros on Friday. And, moving forward, I'll certainly use ScoreBig for tickets again. Although my bid was only a few dollars lower than face value, every dollar saved helps! 

And now, Avett Bros here we come!

In exchange for this post I received a ScoreBig voucher. The opinions, however, are my own and were not influenced by the incentive.