life lately

I told Chris recently that I love doing life with him. This sweet summer pace that offers events and busy right alongside slow and humid. These sunshiney days and sticky patio nights coupled with air conditioned sleeps. Just life; good life. 

It's warm and happy with big events like my beautiful friend, Abby's, wedding last weekend at the Fox. I was blown away by her elegant affair.

And the Summer Supper Series at Two Urban Licks to celebrate Chris and my Meetiversary.

Yes those special nights, but also the slow and easy - the normal.

Like grocery shopping, making dinner, going to church, building absurdly huge salads at Whole Foods, pool days, workouts and everything in between. It's easy and steady and reminds me daily not to create chaos, but instead to enjoy every sweet summer minute. 

I hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend!